About Us

Who we are

It is our pleasure to introduce Irving Properties Ltd. a sister concern of Irving Group is a real estate company, involved in developing residential and commercial projects.

Our company is committed to maintaining quality while placing special emphasis on ecstatic, culture & style. We have successfully completed and handed over a number of projects. Our site selection, design & planning are always based on professional methodology with a touch of uniqueness. At every level of our work we rely on actual field tests and standard verification of all raw materials. We believe structure is the core of the building and a major matter of concern as there is nothing one can do to change it and sound structures are always a priority for us. Overall supervision and monitoring is reported to top management.

We also listen carefully to our valued clients. Even after a decade of experience, we are often enlightened by their criticisms. This helps us to further improve our design, quality and overall service.

We believe in providing quality, breakthrough real estate products and services that apartment buyers most want & need. Our winning strategy is built on three basic tenets of providing reliability, professionalism and excellence in service. We strive for the creation of a better for everyone, with value for investments that come with a total package of a great life style, facilities & location. Our aim is to create a meaningful way of life- a better life- for the community and country. We promise to provide you a luxury and affordable life.